Water Proof Backpacks

Water Proof BackpacksBackpacks are used primarily to carry clothes instead of using a suitcase when a person needs to walk long distances, goes camping or cycling. In some countries, motor bikes are the main means of transport and backpacks are useful to keep one’s belongings dry while riding the motorbike between destinations. Waterproof backpacks make sure that your belongings do not get wet while you are exposed to the elements such as rain. This is an essential attribute that backpack should have if you are going to be doing any activity that requires you to be outdoors for days on end or exposed to rain or snow while commuting to work on a bicycle or motorbike.


All backpacks are made with different designs and it is important that the backpack will suit your body and that it has the adjustments necessary to make it comfortable on your back. It depends on what you will be using it for but a few of the features that you need to look out for are:

  • The dimensions of the backpack and whether it will be big enough to keep all the belonging that you are planning to carry
  • The design of the area where the backpack comes into contact with the body and if it will feel comfortable once you have placed it over your shoulders
  • Is it designed in such a way that air can pass between your back and the backpack to keep you relatively cool?
  • Is the bag completely waterproof and if it is able to float if you are planning to use it for canoeing where it easy to fall into the water
  • The price and if you are ordering online if it is shipped free.

Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Premium Waterproof Backpack

Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Premium Waterproof BackpackThe Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 is a great looking backpack that has lots of storage compartments making it perfect for that camping trip, commuting to work or keeping your belongings dry if you are working in a wet environment. It is a medium sized bag but has lots of room and the dimensions are 15″ x 11″ x 4″. It is totally waterproof and will float safely if it is dropped into water. It is a roll-top waterproof backpack and has a two-way sealing system with padded shoulder straps and lumbar support for added comfort. The backpack can be ordered as a black waterproof backpack or any other colour that you would like.

Very safe to use when you are walking or cycling through cities and towns with super reflective patches on the front of the bag and both shoulder straps. It is prone to condensation and it is advisable to wrap a towel over your equipment but other than that it is offered at a good price and well worth buying.

Rothco Medium Transport Pack

Rothco Medium Transport PackThe Rothco is made from heavy weight denier polyester material and ensures that the bag is durable and will last through the harshest conditions. It has extensive storage capacity with one large compartment, 3 outside additional zipper pockets and if that is not enough it is also MOLLE compatible which will allow you to attach additional MOLLE compatible pouches or accessories. The bag comes fitted with a hydration bladder and has a polyurethane waterproof liner. It is a good bag for day to use or if you need to carry equipment that you would like to keep safe and dry but it is on the small side for long journeys or if you need to carry more than one or two sets of clothes.

The reviews comment on the size of the bag and the quality but it is being compared to backpacks that are 3 times the price. The backpack has a padded backpack panel with breathable mesh backing and being offered at under $50,00 which is good value for money.

Sunhiker Cycling Hiking Backpack

Sunhiker Cycling Hiking BackpackThe Sunhiker is a good waterproof backpack for a woman and is ideally suited for activities such as hiking, camping, climbing, travelling and cycling. It is not a hydration backpack but the breathable mesh shoulder straps are each fitted with bottle holders. The backpack is made from water repellent, tear resistant nylon material. It is rated as a small backpack but it is surprising how much can be fitted into this small backpack. It is a good choice for students who need to carry their books to and from classes. Even though it is a small backpack it has some nice features which are found on bigger backpacks such as a chest strap, waist strap, and zipper housings.

Overall the Sunhiker waterproof backpack is good value for money and is perfect for the cyclist, a day trip or hiking through the wilderness. It is ideal for young children to use to school and it will easily fit all their books, lunches and drinks.

ArcEnCiel 70-85L Adjustable Capacity Outdoor Sports Bag

ArcEnCiel 70-85L Adjustable Capacity Outdoor Sports BagThe ArcEnCiel is a big waterproof camping backpack which is made from MOLLE material which means that if it does not provide you with enough carrying space you can attach MOLLE compatible equipment. It is 19″ wide 27″ high and 14″ diameter with side pockets. It is the perfect bag for long days trekking, or for camping and fitted with a top rain cover to ensure that all your belongings get to the destination nice and dry. It is fitted with a chest sliding adjustment system which can be adjusted quickly to fit on your back comfortably ensuring that you can walk the long distances with as little strain as possible.

If you are hiking with this backpack make sure that it is adjusted tightly against your back so that not all the strain is on your shoulders and beware it is a big backpack so if you are considering buying one a medium size might be what you are needing. As a big backpack, it is a worthwhile buy at under $70,00

Mengar Backpack Daypack, Travel Backpack, 35L Foldable

Mengar Backpack Daypack, Travel Backpack, 35L FoldableThe bag is very comfortable to use and can easily be used as a day pack on holidays as it is big enough to fit enough clothes and other luggage required for a day trip. The material is strong and the zips do not fail to make it a reliable backpack for a day trip.







G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel Backpack

G4Free Large 40L Lightweight Water Resistant Travel BackpackThe G4Free is designed for the perfect balance between durability, size, lightweight and is compact allowing it to be stored easily. Once you have finished using the adult backpack it folds up into its self-contained pouch into a small hand held bag which you can store in a drawer in your house. It uses the drawstring method of closing which gives you more flexibility and able to load it with more luggage. Using the drawstring method does not restrict you as much as the zip system and there is no chance of it breaking while you are on your hiking or camping trip. Inside the backpack, the main compartment is divided by a fabric divider and there are also two top double sided pouches for extra storage.

It is not a waterproof travel backpack but for the price that you pay, it is an excellent choice because it is lightweight and you can pack a lot of luggage including equipment such as cameras and computers. It is a top choice and worth buying.

Venture Pal Lightweight Hiking Backpack

Venture Pal Lightweight Hiking BackpackFrom the 2016/2017 reviews, the Venture Pal can be used not only for day trips but also as a diaper bag and with the extra pockets allows you to store any other necessary requirements for young babies. It has a stylish look, durable and great for day to day use with a fantastic price of under $21,00







Skorch Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag 30L

Skorch Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag 30LWater sports are growing on a daily basis and so is the demand for water proof backpacks. Skorch is the best waterproof backpack for this purpose and they have designed the backpack to ensure that all your belongings do not get wet which includes the high-value items such cameras, phones, and documents. It is the best waterproof camping backpack when you are wanting to go on canoeing safaris or other types of water sports. It is well to note that the Skorch waterproof backpack should not be totally submerged in water but should it fall in water it will float and keep your belongings dry.

It is made from durable UPVC material and built to last. If it does get dirty it is very easy to clean by wiping the dirt off with a wet cloth. It has good reviews and some people have even submerged the bag and all the baggage came out dry. It has excellent customer comments and well worth the price.

HIKPRO #1 Rated Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

HIKPRO #1 Rated Ultra Lightweight Packable BackpackWhen the HIKPRO is empty it only weighs an incredible 6,5 oz (184 grammes) and has 2 zipped compartments, 1 main pocket for the bulky items, 1 smaller outside pocket, 1 inner pocket which doubles and 2 large side pockets which are ample storage space for that day trip. The HIKPRO folds down to the size of a lunch box and when you are going on a trip you can pack it in your suitcase and when you get to your destination you have an extra bag to carry your camera and any clothing that you think you might need. The straps have been designed to be very comfortable and with a loaded backpack over your shoulders will not cause any unnecessary stress.

As a packable backpack, the HIKPRO is better than any other lightweight backpacks on the market and it will not disappoint you. HIKPRO have over 20 years of experience making backpacks and have ensured that the backpack will fulfill all your needs and be comfortable to carry all day. If you need a packable backpack then the HIKPRO is perfect.

Outlander Most Durable Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Outlander Most Durable Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack DaypackThe Outlander is the best packable backpack and is great for the super-minimalist and it is very light, durable with the adjustable breathable straps which are comfortable to carry for all day use. It folds into itself and then folds from the pocket into a backpack. It fits into any space and when you are traveling it is a must have. This backpack has multi compartments with ample room and it can be supplied as 20L or 33L depending on the size that suits your needs. The Outlander backpack is made from durable water resistant material and will keep your baggage dry in the rain. The zippers are high quality and even if the backpack is tightly packed the zips will withstand the pressure.

The Outlander backpack is awesome for that adventure where you go on day trips while touring and you only need to baggage for a day trip. It will fit one set of clothes, camera, and any other valuables that are required for a day trip with the added advantage that it will withstand rainstorms keeping all your belongings dry. It is the best packable backpack and well worth the price of under $60,00

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