Top 7 Best Archery Release For 2017

Top 7 Best Archery Release For 2017When it comes to archery hunting, the most essential equipment anticipated for best hunting experience would be the Best bow release. They provide you with improved accuracy and better consistency with every shot. Archers do not have to touch the string; the bow needs to be clamped onto theArchery release and it will be released with an activated trigger action. As per the type of application, budget preferred release design, you can pick the one that is most convenient and reliable to you. Following Archery release reviews and buying guide will hand out more in-depth info regarding their design and use.


Buying Guide for Archery Release:


  • Design Type: There are different types of designs in Archery release based on their grip type. Make sure to look for the compatibility of the archery release with the type of bow string you are using to avoid any inconvenience after the purchase.


  • Wrist type: Most common type of Archery Release is the Wrist or Caliper style of design that comes with a rod, strap and a trigger. These are extremely easy to use, can be adjusted to perfectly fit your hand and delivers finest precision and consistency. Such type of releases evenly distributes all the weight towards your wrist making it much easier to pull the bow back at full draw. They are attached to your wrist; hence there will be no threat of dropping it, ideal to be used by the novice archers.


  • Handheld type: Amongst all, this type of release is easiest to use and is extremely lightweight in nature. As the name suggests, it is supposed to be held in your hand, might cause fatigue to the fingers. However, these will provide you with much better grip. Due to its perfect timing of trigger system, they are much preferred by the Expert hunters.


  • Rotatable type: Such type of release has the preset trigger and a rotatable head. This release can be rotated in your hand against the wrist and will let go of the string when the pre-determined pull weight is crossed. You will have to be highly alert and monitor the prey constantly. Such type of release is not preferred by hunters that seek high control over the trigger.


  • The quality of material: Straps of Archery Release are generally made from nylon or leather. Nylon-made straps are cheaper as compared to the leather ones. However, the leather strap provides more comfort and ease for the longer period of use. As per your budget, you can pick any one that best meets your requirements.


  • Adjustable design: Make sure the Archery release has Adjustable trigger sensitivity, Adjustable length and adjustable straps for high precision and reliable use. Most of the releases are provided with Velcro Closure systems that can easily accommodate any size of the hand, perfect for beginners. But, some of them also come with Buckle type of strap for better stability, ideal to be used by Pro Archers. Swiveling head (say 180°) against your wrist would be a great feature while hunting through forestry.


  • Price: Archery Releases are usually low-priced equipment that ranges anything from $20 to $40. But there are some high-end models that are expensively priced with $80 and above. These high-end models are equipped with some unique features to offer enhanced precision and consistency while hunting.


  • Load Speed: The design of the jaw must allow for quick and silent loading, especially in the situations of intense hunting, as you do not want to alert the target. Most of the releases come with dual- caliper jaw design for better performance.


Comparison Table:


Archery release Amazon Ratings
Tru Fire Patriot Jr. Release 4.2 out of 5 stars
TRU-FIRE Hurricane Release 4.2 out of 5 stars
Tru Ball Pro 4 Archery Release 4.3 out of 5 stars
Scott Archery Dual Caliber Release 4.3 out of 5 stars
Tru Fire Wrist Patriot Release 4.3 out of 5 stars
Scott Little Goose Archery Release 4.7 out of 5 stars
CISNO Rotatable Archery Release 5.0 out of 5 stars

Top 7 Best Archery Release for 2016-2017:

  1. Tru Fire Patriot Jr. Release:

Tru Fire Patriot Jr. ReleaseFeaturing dual caliper design, this Tru Fire Bow quick Release has a very smooth trigger action for extreme ease while releasing. Adjustable trigger travel allows you to alter the impact of its pull as per your convenience. For closing the ultra-wide jaws, you will just need to push the trigger in the forward direction. These jaws are heat-treated and have Teflon coating to offer you with high durability and dependability. With this power Strap, even the Young archers can precisely release shots with utmost comfort and for an extended period of time. Unlike while using just fingers, this power strap will not cause fatigue quickly.Black colored nylon strap has Velcro Closure system to perfectly fit even smaller hands. It is extremely cheap with just under $17 of a price.


  1. TRU-FIRE Hurricane Release:

TRU-FIRE Hurricane ReleaseTRU-FIRE Hurricane Bow hunting release features an Evolution Buckle strap made from Nylon and has unique Camo prints for added impressiveness. This Buckle strap is easy to work with and put on as compared to the V-styled straps. The distance between the head and strap can be adjusted with the help of 0.5″ wide web joining system. It can easily fit both left as well as right-handed archers, without needing any tools for adjusting. For opening the jaws, you just need to pull the trigger back and leaving it will close the jaws. This release has dual caliper design with spring loaded trigger and adjustable trigger travel for your suitability. The jaw is incorporated with a steel roller that rolls inside of it and is self-centering/free-floating in nature. These jaws are heat-treated whereas the trigger is coated with a non-stick material for long-lasting usage. Patented design of this release provides the smoothest trigger action.


  1. Tru Ball Pro 4 Archery Release:

Tru Ball Pro 4 Archery ReleaseDeliberately designed with small head and small jaws, this Tru Ball Hunter Pro 4 Release provides extra draw length and high bow speed. Aesthetically designed, the outer body is Camo patterned for additional appeal. Head of the Release can be swiveled for full 360° for convenient use. This Bow trigger release has knob activator that can be fully adjusted and also allows for adjustable sensitivity. The loading process of this release is absolutely silent. For opening the jaws, you just need to activate the trigger. Leaving the trigger will close the jaws. It is an extremely heavy-duty Thumb release archery, perfect for rugged usage.





  1. Scott Archery Dual Caliber Release:

Scott Archery Dual Caliber ReleaseWith exclusive mossy oak finishing, this Scott Archery thumb release features a double caliper design. It is offered in two different sizes, one for adults and the other with Velcro Closures for young archers. Featuring a Solid Swivel Connector, the length can be adjusted in 4 distinct positions due to the holes provided. With innovative compact design, this Scott Archery Shark Double Release produces extremely smooth trigger action with its wide roller-sear provided. For all the modern high-performance bows, this dual jaw design, front-positioned trigger with maximum draw length and compact design would be perfect. The pivoting head, knurled trigger, and fully adjustable design deliver high precision and consistency for archers. It is compatible with different Scott Strap design for your convenience.


  3.  Tru Fire Wrist Patriot Release:

Tru Fire Wrist Patriot ReleaseExtremely economical, this Tru Fire Release features a Patriot Dual Caliper design for reliable use. It has a padded black Power strap, made from nylon, which is much easier to put on as compared to the V-style strap. It can easily fit both left as well as right hand.With every shot, you will experience improved precision, smoothness, increased arrow speed and better consistency. It featuresTru-Rotator™head which can independently turn and an adjustable trigger pull for altering its impact as per your choice. The jaws and trigger are heat-treated and coated with Teflon to offer better performance over many years. The wide mouth of jaws allows for easy and silent loading; perfect for rugged use. With just under $17 of the cheap price, it is pretty durable and of fine quality.


  1. Scott Little Goose Archery Release:

Scott Little Goose Archery ReleaseWith Patented design of Single caliper, this Scott Little Goose Release is the second Best bow release for hunting due to its high durability and finest performance. Designed as the One-piece trigger and positioned at the front, it allows for maximum draw length and creates smoothest trigger pull.Patented design of angled-jaw allows for easy, quick, and silent loading for better dependability under intense hunting situations. The 5-holes design of the release allows for different length adjustments. It can be used for both left as well as right hand. The exclusive tooling of this release creates an extremely undeviating and smooth radius for archery. All these great features, 4.7 Amazon ratings, and over 50 reviews make it best archery release, so far.





  1. CISNO Rotatable Archery Release:

CISNO Rotatable Archery ReleaseExclusive Compound bow trigger release from CISNO provides a better consistency and high precision of shots every time. With its 180° rotatable head and Buckle- style wrist strap; this release can be efficiently used by both left and right-handed archers. This strap is padded with leather for comfortable use all day long. It has a compactly designed dual-jaw and preset trigger with a 1-piece design for high accuracy. Length can be adjusted as per your convenience with the help of rope connector system for a perfect fit. CISNO compound Bow is designed for bows having about 80 lbs. draw or less than that. Having just under $17 of price, this archery release is quite cheap and of fine quality. With 5.0 Amazon Ratings and some great features, it is the Best bow release 2017.

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