Top 5 Best Survival Fire Starters for 2017

Top 5 Best Survival Fire Starters for 2017All those adventure-lovers that are passionately involved in camping, hiking or other activities must certainly carry a Survival Fire Starter that always comes handy. Be it for setting up a campfire for warm-up, cooking, sending out emergency signals, threatening wild animals for your safety or illuminating the dark campground, a Survival Fire Starter could help you with many such emergency situations. Generally, they are petite in size and lightweight in nature, for quick and easy portability or backpacking. There are different types of Survival Fire Starters, below given buying guide and survival fire starter reviews will provide you with better insights regarding their features and use.


Buying Guide for Survival Fire Starter:

For selecting the Best Survival Fire Starter, you need to know some of the basic things to consider before buying them. Following are some key factors you need to look for:

  • Type of Survival Fire Starter: There are distinct types of Fire Starters available out there, with each having different capabilities:
  • Ferrocerium Stick: Many of the Fire Starters today commonly come with a Ferro Rod, also named as a ‘flint’. Generally, they come all included with a metal striker that helps to create a spark.
  • Magnesium Rod: It is one of the most widely used Survival Fire Strikers. Magnesium rod needs to be shaved at a certain angle which will create tiny piles of Magnesium; further using a fire striker will ignite these piles and create a fire eventually.
  • Fuel Tablets withFire Starters: Under very wet conditions or too cold weather, when it is too hard to create a spark, you can use the Fuel tablets with the Ferro rod or Magnesium rod to spark a fire.
  • Type of application: As per the type of application, you can pick any of the above-given types of Survival Fire Starters. Usually, in a cold weather or wet conditions, a waterproof fire starter unit would be ideal. For using Fire starters for camping, you might want to consider the one with an aFerro stick that comes in a waterproof housing and is fairly weather-resistant. For other purposes like hiking, gas stoves, etc. you can use basic models of Ferro rod or Magnesium Rod Fire Starter kit.


  • Durability: All of the Survival Fire Starters are usually provided with the info of their shelf life. Make sure to check the number of times that a starter could be struck; this can range anything from 12000 to 15000 times.


  • Price: Fire Starter is very inexpensive and essential equipment needed for camping, hiking, and other adventures. All the basic good fire starters range from $5 to $10 of price and are fairly durable and amply capable of making fire. Some of the high-end models can go above $20 of price as well.


  • Other features: When it comes to a Survival gear, the fire starter that comes with some extra beneficial accessories would be a bonus and will always come handy, especially in emergency situations. Many of the below-given survival kits come with an emergency whistle, compass, lanyard cord to hold everything together; some of them also come with a knife.


  • Size: Make sure the Survival Fire Starter Kit is compactly designed with minimal weight and small dimensions, so that can easily fit in cars, any backpack or with other survival gear.

Comparison Table:


Survival Fire Starter Amazon Ratings
A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak – Survival Gear Kit with Fire Starter 4.0 out of 5 stars
Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter 4.4 out of 5 stars
Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter 4.5 out of 5 stars
Top Fire Starter By Aspen Ridge Sports 4.6 out of 5 stars
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel Fire Starter 4.7 out of 5 stars


Top 5 Best Survival Fire Starter for 2017:

  1. A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak – Survival Gear Kit with Fire Starter:

A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak – Survival Gear Kit with Fire StarterWith its 5-in-1 design, this high-quality of Survival Gear Kit comprises of an integrated compass, a fire starter, a fire scraper that goes into the buckle and can be used as an emergency knife as well and an emergency whistle. This whistle can produce sound levels high up to 100dB, ideal to be used in emergency situations. Featuring a quick release buckle-type of closure and a compact design, this kit is fairly portable and easy to use. Constructed from heavy-duty, military-grade 550 Paracord (Parachute Cord), this Bracelet certainly offers high durability and rugged use. You can efficiently use this kit for different activities like hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, etc. This set of 2 camping fire starter is offered in diverse sizes and colors for you to choose from. It is quite cheap with just under $9 of the price.

  1. Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter:

Survival Spark Magnesium Fire StarterSurvival Spark offers one of the finest magnesium fire starters which are designed to be windproof and fairly resistant to bad weather conditions. It has the capability of striking up to 15000 times to create a fire, especially in emergency conditions ensuring long-lasting usage. Its all-in-one design comprises of a Magnesium stick, a large-sized scraper, an integrated compass and whistle having 150 dB of sound level capacity with a lanyard which assembles all of it, so you won’t misplace anything. The length of the fire starter stick is about 5.5″ to easily accommodate cars, survival tools or camping gear. Sturdily built with metal frame, this fire starter certainly would go a long way. With just under $9 of price, they are pretty cheap and durable.


  1. Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter:

Gerber Bear Grylls Fire StarterDesigned with a small and compact frame, this Gerber Bear Grylls keychain fire starter can be carried around easily, anywhere you wish. Rod constructed from Ferrocerium and striker made from metal, this Fire Starter is perfect for a rugged use in scouting, hiking, camping, etc. This Waterproof fire starter features waterproof storage housing to keep it secure and dry. Lanyard cord provided is integrated with an emergency whistle and also keeps all of the assemblies together, so that you won’t lose anything. The product comes all included with a Survival Mini guide, land to air rescue and SOS guidelines. Designed to be lightweight with just 2.6 ounces weight and compact with just 5 inches of length, it is great for portability and can effortlessly fit into a backpack. It has been backed with Lifetime Warranty for your suitability.

  1. Top Fire Starter by Aspen Ridge Sports:

Top Fire Starter by Aspen Ridge SportsAspen Ridge Sports introduces this Fire Starter featuring a Ferro Rod that can strike up to 15000 times, a metal-made fire striker and a Large True Magnesium Rod, making it ideal to use for emergency situations. Ferro Rod is ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip for easy use while lighting up a fire. Paracord Lanyard is provided to keep the accessories together securely for quick use during the crisis. With the waterproof design of both Ferro rod and Magnesium rod, it is the second Best magnesium fire starter amongst all. True Magnesium Rod provided is an additional benefit and perfect to be used in wet conditions.You can efficiently use this fire starter for camping, hiking, and other adventurous activities as well. It has been backed with Lifetime Warranty period for your best after-sales experience.




  1. Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel Fire Starter:

Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel Fire StarterArmy 2.0 Swedish FireSteel Fire Starter model from Light my Fire features an enhanced design of stainless steel fire striker and its ergonomically designed handle. This stainless steel striker is manufactured with a precise edge grinding to create the full spark. It is extremely compact in design and perfects to light fire in any weather conditions. With its inbuilt emergency whistle and bright spark created, you can give out emergency signals efficiently for searching and rescuing operation. Highly durable built of the fire starter allows for 12000 strikes and produces about 2980°C of spark. It is a high-quality Hardened Magnesium alloy Fire starter that is deliberately built to work even at higher altitudes, extremely low-temperature zones or wet conditions. Best fire starter for 2017, offered at a very inexpensive price.


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