Top 5 Best Chest rigs for 2017

Top 5 Best Chest rigs for 2017

Top 5 Best Chest rigs for 2017Chest Rig is essential equipment that is used to lugcombat gear, Mags, first aid kit, maps, and other such accessories. All these gear can be efficiently and handily stored in a chest rig due to the specific pouches and pockets incorporated in them. Some of them also come with hydration carrier that allows you to carry the water bladder, which is certainly a benefit. Tactical chest rigs allow easy and quick access to your ammunition, whenever needed. As per your budget, desired durability and quality, you can pick any one that best meets all your requirements.





Things to consider before buying Chest rigs:

  • Mag Pouches: There should be ample amount of Mag pouches provided to handily store your M4 mags. On the exterior of these pouches, if there are webbed spaces incorporated, you can easily hang other gear pouches, AK pouches, etc. Make sure there are at least 6 Mag pouches provided that can capably store 12 Mags. These pouches must have elastic strings to secure the Mags in the pouches. Also, make sure to look for a chest rig that has open-top Mag pouches for easy access, quick reloading and versatile use.


  • Comfort and Quick-release: A chest Rig should always allow you to quickly remove it, whenever needed. Hence, a push-button buckle type of closure provided in the chest rig will always prove to be useful, in such situations. Also, they must feature padded shoulder straps and cross-back type of design to equally distribute the weight over your back. This will provide maximum comfort to the user and prevent them against aches or fatigue, making it easier to carry the rig for a longer period of time.


  • Additional features: Mesh back design for maximum ventilation, internal mesh pockets for storing maps, or other such useful accessories, a hydration carrier are some of the essential features to look for in a chest rig. These features will certainly be very helpful during your combat training and will come handy, as and when needed.


  • Durability: Make sure to invest in a chest rig that is constructed from fine-quality and durable materials to avoid any sort of inconvenience or failure at the time of training. The pouches, zippers, shoulder straps and mesh pockets must be made from heavy-duty materials to withstand rugged use.


  • Lightweight and Adjustable design: A chest rig must be deliberately designed to be lightweight in nature. As it will be loaded with several attachments and Mags, indeed it will be much heavier to carry the rig. Hence, the design of the rig without the loaded gear must be lightweight to reduce the fatigue of the user and ease the weight. Also, the width and heightent shapes and sizes of bodies.

Comparison Table:

Chest Rigs Amazon Ratings
Modular Chest Rig by Condor 4.0 out of 5 stars
Ronin Chest Rig by Condor 4.5 out of 5 stars
Condor MRC5-001 Recon Chest Rig 4.5 out of 5 stars
Condor Rapid Assault Tactical Chest Set 4.5 out of 5 stars
Condor Military Recon Chest Gear 4.5 out of 5 stars


Top 5 Best Chest Rigs for 2016-2017:

  1. Modular Chest Rig by Condor:

Modular Chest Rig by CondorWith 6 inbuilt pouches for M4 mags, this Modular Chest Rig by Condor is constructed for versatile use and handy access to ammunition. It features 2 inner meshed pockets for distinct modular attachments. Also, strong webbing on the outside of mag pouches and on the back of the chest rig allows for different modular attachments for your convenient use. Due to the padding on shoulder straps, carrying this chest rig is much more comfortable and will not cause quick fatigue. Chest panel can be removed and is fully adjustable with an adjustable waist to from medium to extra-large. Inbuilt hydration carrier allows you to carry water bladder for your suitability if preferred. It is offered in 4 different colors, you can pick any one that best suits your choice. With its buckle type of closure, it is quick to put it on or take it off.




  1. Ronin MCR7 Chest Rig by Condor:

Ronin MCR7 Chest Rig by CondorFeaturing Swivi-Lockster, that is, push-button release buckle type of closure, this Condor MCR7 Ronin Chest Set is exceptionally comfortable to wear. This Low profile chest rig features a Padded and easy accessible H-shaped harness with Velcro bands, D-rings and heavy-duty webbing for mounting different accessories like carabiners, other gear pouches. Also, durable webbing on the front of the chest rig is provided for distinct modular attachments. On both sides, there are mesh pockets provided to store maps or other such add-ons. The width and shoulder of this Tactical rig can be adjusted as per your convenience and fits most of the body sizes. With the just cheap price of under $33, it is quite fine quality and durable chest rig.




  1. Condor MRC5-001 Recon Chest Rig:

Condor MRC5-001 Recon Chest RigCondor MCR5-001 Recon AK chest rig has 3 inbuilt mag pouches of kangaroo style. These pouches can handily store 6 M4 mags, as well as 6 AK mags for quick, reload, as and when needed. Featuring a swivel quick-release buckle type of closure, this Small chest rig also has cross-back shoulder harness with padding for utmost comfort and ease of the user while carrying the rig. Shoulders straps are incorporated with D-ring and heavy-duty webbing to conveniently mount different gear attachments. On the rear, there is a mesh pocket provided for easy access to maps, or other stored gear and on both sides of the rig, there are mag pouches provided with open-tops for quick access to the ammo. The pistol pouches have removable or adjustable flaps on them so that you can even store knife, or other such gear, if necessary.




  1. Condor Rapid Assault Tactical Chest Set:

Condor Rapid Assault Tactical Chest SetCondor offers this Rapid Assault Chest Rig that is integrated with 6 mag pouches with open-tops for handily storing M4 mags. Featuring a Swivi-Lockster type of closure, that is, quick-release buckles, this Hunting chest rig is quick and easy to put on. With the padded and cross-back type of shoulder straps, you can comfortably carry around the rig without experiencing fatigue. These straps are incorporated with webbing and D-rings for hanging additional accessories for handy access. On the front, there is a heavy-duty webbing provided for easy access to modular attachments. The rear side of the chest rig has the mesh pocket for storing small gear or maps. This product is offered in 4 different colors, you can select any one as per your choice. You can store small gear like the tactical pen, etc. in the elastic loops provided on each side. Waist size of this rig can be adjusted to adapt with most of the body sizes.



  1. Condor Military Recon Chest Gear:

Condor Military Recon Chest GearCondor Recon Chest Set features 3 inbuilt stacker/kangaroo styles of mag pouches to accessibly store 6 M4 mags and 6 pistol mags. Also, on both sides, there are mag pouches provided to accommodate 2 M4 Mags handily. With swivel push-button type of buckle closure, it is extremely easy to take off or put on this Army chest rig. Shoulder Straps have the cross-back type of design and are padded to provide you with extreme comfort and ease while carrying the rig. The large pouch at the central front can be utilized to store maps or other small add-ons. Webbing and D-rings on the shoulder straps allow you to mount extra gear pouches or other accessories handily. On the front, there is heavy-duty webbing provided for modular attachments. Waist size of this chest rig can be adjusted to fit most of the body sizes effortlessly. With all these exceptional features, about 4.5 Amazon Ratings and over 840 reviews, this chest rig certainly might be the Best chest rig for 2017.


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