The 8 Best Tactical Vests for 2017

The 8 Best Tactical Vests for 2017Workforces going on adventurous or dependable operations need to carry several important gear and extra accessories for quickly accessing them, whenever needed. This is when a well-designed Tactical Vest comes handy. Tactical vest can be utilized to neatly and conveniently organize and store all your necessary gear, even firearm. Beneficial for Law Enforcement Entry teams, this vest is a must-have for every team member willing to carry a bunch of accessories. Especially, for long-term missions, all the essential equipment and firearm can be used efficiently; some of the vests even have storage facilities for the hydration bladder.

Things to consider before buying a Tactical Vest:

  • Price: With superior features provided in a Tactical Vest, it is expected to be highly priced. Depending on the type of application, you can pick the one that suits your requirements best. A Tactical Vest should not dig a hole in your pocket, so make sure to pick an affordable one that offers decent features.
  • Manufacturer: Many of the costly Tactical Vests are not supported with any sort of Warranty period. Whereas some cheap priced ones do have a remarkable warranty period offered by Manufacturers. If you are looking for an assured purchase and better after-sales support, then opt for the ones that are backed with Warranty.
  • Durability and Quality: Buyers seeking a rugged application of Vest should go for a high-quality fabric and design of vest that provides adequate resistance against wear and tear, dust and stains.
  • Capacity for Equipment: Depending on the type of gear, firearm, and additional accessories that you will carry, you can select the Tactical Vest that meets all your requirements and stores your gear capably.
  • Dimensions: A Tactical Vest that doesn’t fit you impeccably can be uncomfortable and unproductive. Many of the Tactical Vests have a fully adjustable design to offer a customized fit. Make sure to properly check the dimensions provided, before making the decision of purchasing to avoid any sort of inconvenience.

Following is an In-depth Review on 8 Best Tactical Vests available for 2016-2017:

Top 8 Tactical Vest Reviews for 2016-2017

8. Barska Loaded Gear Tactical Vest- Right Hand

Barska Loaded Gear Tactical Vest- Right HandLoaded Gear Right Hand Police MOLLE Vest from Barska holds the ammos and other tactical essentials handily. It is a fully adaptable vest, with adjustable shoulder panels and side straps offering a customized fit to most of the adults (maximum 52” waist). The ladder buckles on both sides of the vest allow quicker adjustment and perfect fit. Made from 1680D Ballistic Polyester, this vest is designed with mesh webbing on the back for better ventilation and high durability. It features 2 internal zipped pockets and a large back mesh pocket where hydration packs can be stored.

The product is backed by a remarkable 1-year warranty. Padded sniper shoulder provides maximum comfort and ease to the tactical vest carrier. Other features include a pouch for radio/phone, 4 rifle magazine pouches, utility pouch with detachable elastic loops to store shotgun shells and emergency drag handle to rescue injured workforces out of risky regions. D-rings on both shoulders can be used to hang other accessories.

It comes in 3 detachable pieces- a right-hand draw holster, 1 three-sectioned pouch with Velcro closures and a heavy-duty adjustable belt with pouches. This MOLLE Tactical Vest has one-inch MOLLE straps to lug extra gear.

7. Lancer Tactical Adjustable Vest with Belt

Lancer Tactical Adjustable Vest with BeltThis Black Tactical Vest from Lancer Tactical is completely adjustable so as to fit most of the adult body forms. It features a detachable pistol holster with Velcro flap magazine pouch. The quick release buckle on the left side is provided so that you can cross-draw with your right hand. This vest has 3 pistol ammo magazine pouches, 4 large magazine holders (each can hold 2 magazines), a tactical pouch to hold shotgun shells, a back panel pouch with Velcro closure to store 2.5L of hydration system and 2 internal large zipped pockets to carry gear.

Made from 600D Polyester, the design of this Police Tactical Vest has mesh webbing to ensure maximum ventilation and comfort. The front zipper allows easy removal of the vest whereas the Velcro shoulder straps allow its quick adjustment. These Velcro straps have D-rings to hang or attach other accessories.

A detachable snap buckle belt is provided with 2 pistol magazine pouches, which can be individually used as well. All these features are provided at a cheap price of just under $35.

6. Tactical Cross-draw Vest with a Pistol Belt by Generic

Tactical Cross-draw Vest with a Pistol Belt by GenericGeneric introduces this Tactical cross-draw Vest that has a fully adjustable design that can fit any medium to extra-large adult body sizes. The right side of the Vest has 3 pouches to hold ammos. Above these, there is a large-sized carrying pouch for shell and a shooting pad.

On the left side, a pistol holster provided can hold most of the medium-framed pistols. Above this holster, there are 3 adjustable pouches to store pistol magazines. Made from highly durable nylon mesh material, this vest provides maximum breathability and comfort to the carrier.

Shoulders of the vest have long Velcro closures for better adjustment and 2 metal D-rings on each side to attach carabineers or other accessories. Main front zip allows easy removal of the vest, which can be further secured with the provided pistol belt. On the interior, there are 2 large zippered pockets offered to store documents, maps, etc. Back panel has a double-ply mesh pouch that can hold hydration bladder.

Strips across the back can be used to attach other accessories. The width of left and right sides of the vest can be adjusted via drawstrings provided.

5. TacLite Pro Vest by 5.11 Tactical

TacLite Pro Vest by 5.11 Tactical5.11 Tactical offers this TacLite Military tactical vest that is constructed from 65% Polyester and 35% cotton ripstop fabric with Teflon coating for lightweight and comfortable carrying. Such design provides fine resistance against any kind of stains or dirt. There are total 17 pockets provided to store different accessories like AR magazines, maps, sunglasses, iPad, water bottles, etc. Having Quad-stitched reinforcements with 55 bar tacks at all the stress points makes it a highly durable vest, ideal for any rough conditions. With 2 hidden carry compartments on this vest, you can handily store handgun or other gear and quickly grab them as and when needed.

TacLite is compatible with the 5.11s Back-Up Belt system pouches. It has been cut long to conceal the sidearm and carry whatever you need. It also makes as a great Police Tactical Vest with its concealing tactics, better than the conventional methods. Steel D-ring on the left side can hold your keys or any other accessory capably. Shoulder of the vest is uniquely designed to equally distribute the weight across back and shoulders for maximum comfort of the carrier and reduce the fatigue. It also features YKK zipper closure secured with Prym snap for extra protection against pulling of vest.

4. Tactical Airsoft Vest

Tactical Airsoft VestThis Tactical Airsoft Vest from AirSplat comes all included with a Modular cross-draw Holster with adjustable snap buckle for suitability of storage. It is compatible with the US MOLLE system to attach different accessories, shovels, etc. to the vest. It has 4 Rifle Magazine Pouches and 5 Pistol Mag pouches provided to quickly access them as and when needed. The radio pouch and utility pouch can be used to store other gear. All these pouches are efficiently ventilated to release heat and moisture providing comfort to the carrier.

The vest comes with a Modular Tactical belt for additional security of the vest. The front has fine quality zippered closure to quickly remove the vest. The Velcro strap on the right side can be used to attach Name or Team to the vest.

3. Firepower Deluxe Tactical Vest

Firepower Deluxe Tactical VestFirepower introduces this Deluxe Black Tactical Vest that is fully adjustable to fit most of the adult body sizes. It features an adjustable quick-draw pistol holster, 3 pockets on chest and 2 belt pouches to store pistol magazines. The reinforced shoulder with sniper stabilizer offers good security and comfort to the carrier. Some other remarkable features of this vest include4 Rifle Mag pockets, large ID pouch, fully adjustable pistol belt and a radio pouch mounted on shoulder.

With the highly attractive design of black nylon mesh finishing, this vest certainly offers breathability and comfort. The Velcro Patch provided on the right side of the vest is a great aspect to add a Name and Team to your vest. It qualifies as a good choice for the price.

2. UTG Leapers Tactical SWAT Vest

UTG Leapers Tactical SWAT VestDesigned for the Law Enforcement Teams, this UTG Leapers Police tactical vest is very practical and highly durable. With a padded interior and sturdy nylon exterior, this SWAT vest provides top comfort and strength to the carrier. Several pockets on the front and a large-sized pocket on the back panel can be utilized to store your gear efficiently. The design of this vest is completely adjustable across the shoulder and waist; fits up to 50” of chest size. Some other remarkable features offered here are thumb break holster, 2 Pistol Mag pouches, 2 Rifle Mag pouches, elastic loops to store shotgun shells and Utility pocket to store radio.

On the front, it features a heavy-duty zipper closure for quick removal of the vest and it is secured with a single snap strap for added protection. Velcro flap at the bottom of the zipper is to protect it against any kind of damage. Velcro Strip on the back panel is provided to attach patches. This exceptionally feature-rich product is priced under $40, which makes it the best choice for an Army vest.

1. UTG Tactical Vest- 547

UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

When it comes to quality, best ratings and power-packed features, this Tactical Vest from UTG beats all the mentioned ones. It has a fully adjustable design through the girth and length; fits most of the adults. 4 high-quality Adjustable Rifle Mag pouches are provided, each having the capability to store 2 standard Mags. These pouches have Velcro closures for better security, drain holes and elastic design to tightly hold the Mags. Right-side pouch comprises of Elastic loops to hold shotgun shells.

Other features include a sniper shoulder, radio pouch, high-grade Belt with belt pouches, 2 internal zipped pockets and a universal cross-draw holster with belt loop to use as a belt holster. The vest has high-quality zipper closure. An extra Modular Double-Mag pouch is provided here, having Velcro closures that can be interchanged with holster and a belt loop to be used as a belt pouch.

The mesh design on the back ensures proper ventilation and releases moisture. Heavy-duty loops on the back panel can be used to carry extra gear. Drag handle on the back allows dragging of personnel during operations. It is the best tactical hunting vest offered at a reasonable price of under $50, which makes it the top choice of 2016-2017.

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