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For avid knife collectors, the bowie knife needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular type of knife that has a significantly rich historical background. A double-edged fixed blade fighting knife, the bowie knife has evolved since its creation which was sometime during the 19th century.

The original bowie knife was first used by the legendary fighter, Jim Bowie, hence the name – Jim Bowie Knife. Since then, a great deal of custom bowie knives has sprung up with different features and designs with the Colt Bowie Knife having its fair share of fame.

However, some features remain characteristic of the bowie knife such as its long length and a cross guard along with a clip point. In fact, for CS Go enthusiast, the CS Go Bowie knife is a classic.

Here you will find some tips on what to look for before buying the perfect tactical bowie knife and also find out about the top bowie knife brands of 2017.

Factors to consider when buying a bowie knife

A number of factors go into buying a bowie knife. In fact, it is not just the bowie knife. Rather, any type of knife needs to be closely examined in order to buy the one that comes closest to your expectations.

So what are these factors exactly. Below are some that will help you determine which brand you should go for.

  • Price – Yes. Price comes first. There is no point in buying an overly expensive knife that offers no additional features or functions. Hence, do make sure you look into the prices of the various brands in the market and get the one that provides good value-for-money.
  • Functions – Different knives are made for different purposes. It is important that you buy the one suiting your specific requirements
  • Manufacturer – You should choose the manufacturers that has a good customer rating and is known for its durability.
  • Dimensions – the length, width, both when open and close needs to be considered for effective use and handling.
  • Materials – Ensure that the knife you buy is made out of materials of the highest quality.

Top 7 Bowie Knives of 2017

Top 7 – Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

Resembling a classic 19th century fighter knife, the Schrade Leroy is a marvel to use and a wonder to look at. It is made of Titanium Coated 8Cr13MoV high carbon stainless steel with unique finger guard and choil.

Not only this, but you will also find the TPE handle slabs with Finger Grooves and Lanyard Hole pretty impressive. It has a Nylon Fiber Belt Sheath making it very comfortable to hold while providing a stronger grip.

With a 10.35-inch blade and a 6.14-inch handle, this bowie knife is simply hard to resist. It is a perfect collectable item that will give your collection a more classic feel. Not to mention it is ideal for the outdoors, particularly, for those who love camping in rough terrains.

With a weight of 2.6 pounds, the Leroy full tang bowie knife meets all of the expectation of the buyer in terms of quality and style. What is more, it comes at a very affordable price of $45 which is incredibly reasonable given the unique features.

Top 6 – Down Under Knives The Outback Bowie Knife

Down Under Knives The Outback Bowie Knife

Down Under Knives The Outback Bowie Knife

If you are looking for something truly exquisite for your Bowie Knife collection, then the Outback Bowie Knife is the one for you. Featuring a remarkable bronze handle with an 11 inch, blade, the Outback is a perfect fighter knife.

More specifically, the outback is accompanied by a dual heat treated 440 C stainless blade that is incredibly sharp on the edge allowing for a smooth and unfettered cut. What is truly remarkable about this product is that the blade is reinforced to make it withstand all sorts of pressure.

It is therefore one of those quality blades that will never go dull even if used in the roughest of ways. With a blade as sharp as this one, you will never have to worry about burglars creeping into your house.

In addition to all of this, the handle is made out of genuine ebony incorporated with leather and brass, so hard that even the hardest of things may fail to break it. The aesthetics of the knife is just another marvelous craftsmanship of the manufacturer.

The only way to truly appreciate its beauty is to get one for yourself.

Top 5 – Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

Want to experience being an outlaw striding along tortuous paths of the neighborhood? Well, if so, you may as well get the Wester Outlaw Bowie Knife. With reviews from more than 900 customers, this knife surely commands a significant fan following.

So what is it that makes it so great of a knife? To start with, it has a dauntingly designed blade with a handle that you just cannot resist. It feels as if the knife has virtually come out of a 3D gaming platform just to quench the aggressive desires of the holder.

Furthermore, it features a brilliant brass-plated guard with a classic gray hardwood handle that is accompanied by a full tang blade, guaranteed to cut almost any kind of material. It comes with a real leather sheath making you feel like a genuine outlaw from the 90s.

So get your outlaw bowie knife and feel the zeal of an outlaw run all through your mind as you hold the knife with all the strength you have while showing if off to your fellow bowie knife collectors.

Top 4 – REG-215 – Handmade Damascus Steel 14.00 Inches Bowie Knife – Exotic Wood Handle

REG-215 - Handmade Damascus Steel 14.00 Inches Bowie Knife - Exotic Wood Handle (Color/Case Vary)

REG-215 – Handmade Damascus Steel 14.00 Inches Bowie Knife – Exotic Wood Handle (Color/Case Vary)

Ever felt like holding an Assassin’s knife in your hand? Or did you ever want a knife that gave you the authority of an Arab ruling king of the late 18th century? Well, the truly astonishing Damascus Steel Bowie knife is here to fulfill all of those dreams.

The Damascus Bowie knife is nothing less than astonishingly great. With a purely hand-made steel, the knife is a genuine work of art that is worth preserving in the safest of repositories in your home.

Once you look at the real thing, it is guaranteed that you will not be able to take your eyes off it until you own it. The knife comes with an exquisite Marandi Wood Handle and Brass Spacers accompanied by a strong blade and handle that is designed for a perfect grip.

In addition to being unimaginably sturdy, the blade features a beautifully carved pattern along with being incredibly sharp on the edge that is sure to cut even the hardest of materials. So get the knife now and enjoy the adventure that follows.

Top 3 (Good) – Gerber Winchester Large Bowie Knife, Brown

Gerber Winchester Large Bowie Knife, Brown

Gerber Winchester Large Bowie Knife, Brown

Gerber is known for its non-stop innovation and crossing the boundaries when it comes to making the best knife suited for a variety of purposes. This implies that Gerber’s knives are not just about the blade, but also include a myriad of other improvements that simply makes it a must-buy.

With this new Winchester Large Bowie Knife, Gerber has once again justified its dominant position in the market by bringing to you yet another amazing product that is nothing less than marvelous.

The Winchester features a beautiful, rugged design and a sharp blade that is designed for almost all outdoor adventures, be it for military, camping, tactical or survival.

Made out of the most durable of materials, the Winchester Bowie knife commands an impressive following making it hard to resist.

Top 2 (Better) – 12″ Survival Bowie Knife

12" Survival Bowie Knife

12″ Survival Bowie Knife

If you ever wished for a knife that made you feel like a lone survivor in a battle filled with treacherous attacks and lurking dangers, then you must have longed for a perfect weapon that would instantly transform you into a legendary hero.

Well, the Survival Bowie knife is here to grant you that sole wish. With an exotic black appearance, the knife features an incredibly sharp blade perfect for all outdoor activities. The blade is a black anodized stainless steel designed to cut through almost anything.

Not only this, but you also get a durable ABS sheath that you can use to strap the knife to your leg so as to engender fear and awe in your enemies. Get the survival knife now and prepare for your next big battle against the hardest of odds.

Top 1 (Best) – 12″ Tactical Bowie Survival Hunting Knife w/ Sheath Military Combat Fixed Blade

12" Tactical Bowie Survival Hunting Knife w/ Sheath Military Combat Fixed Blade

12″ Tactical Bowie Survival Hunting Knife w/ Sheath Military Combat Fixed Blade

It is surprising to see that even today you can have a knife that comes with all the durability and style you need, all the while having a price attached to it that simply makes you want to buy it. This tactical bowie survival combat knife gives you everything for just $16.

Featuring a 12-inch blade that is made of 440 stainless steel, this knife comes with a rubberized handle that simply makes you want to keep on holding it. The knife comes with a nylon sheath and a belt buckle allowing for convenient carrying.

A must-buy product for all those knife enthusiasts out there.


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