Top 8 Best Backpack Vacuums

What is a Backpack Vacuum?

Top 8 Best Backpack VacuumsA Backpack Vacuum, as the name suggests, is a cylindrical-shaped vacuum unit integrated with a backpack for easy maneuvering by the user. This design makes it ideal to be used for commercial or industrial cleaning purposes. They are deliberately designed to be lightweight for a proper weight distribution and comfortable cleaning without causing strain to the shoulders. Some vacuum models are also convertible to blowers as per your suitability. Commonly, they function through a motor in combination with a power cord, but there are some cordless backpack vacuum cleaner units available that are powered by batteries. Backpack Vacuums are quicker and can easily clean even around obstacles and hard-to-reach areas as they are provided with a versatile attachment kit.


Buying Guide for Best Backpack Vacuum:

  • Weight: Weight is one of the most vital features to consider while buying a Backpack vacuum. Backpacks that are too heavy can cause quick fatigue of the user causing back aches, therefore contradicting the whole purpose of a Backpack vacuum, which is to be lightweight and easy to carry. The weight of a vacuum must not cross 12 pounds.


  • Motor Power: Backpack Vacuums will have a higher suction strength and a better performance if the power of the motor is high. The more powerful the motor is, the better will be its capability to clean most of the surfaces, be it hard floors, carpets, rugs, or ceilings, in very less time. At least 3 to 5 years of warranty must be provided on the motor. Also, check the airflow of the backpack vacuum.


  • Manufacturer’s warranty: A sufficient period of the Manufacturer’s warranty provided on the Backpack vacuum and its parts will ensure a high efficiency and better performance. Users can conveniently initiate the repair or replace procedure if any issues occur.


  • Design: The design of the backpack vacuum must comprise of multiple adjustment points to fit all body shapes and sizes of users. The shoulder straps must be padded for extreme comfort while maneuvering. The product should come with an attachment kit containing different attachments for versatile use and should efficiently clean different types of surfaces. It should have a minimum rating of 120 CFM for obtaining peak performance, whereas the noise level should be less than 67dB. Backpack vacuums come in corded and cordless designs. The Backpack vacuum cordless units are generally battery-operated and are less powerful when compared to the corded motor-powered ones.


  • Filtration system: Having a powerful and efficient filtration system will increase the durability of the Backpack Vacuum. The HEPA filters or micro-dust filters can efficiently capture even the smallest of particulates, keeping the surroundings free of harmful microbes and allergens. The best backpack vacuum must have sealed filter bags to prevent the dirt from escaping into the air.


Comparison Table:


Backpack Vacuums Amazon Ratings
New GV HEPA Backpack vacuum 3.6 out of 5 stars
GV Powerful Backpack Vacuum 3.9 out of 5 stars
Atrix VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum 3.9 out of 5 stars
ProTeam 107461 Provac 4.0 out of 5 stars
Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series Backpack Vacuum Cleaner 4.0 out of 5 stars
Hoover Commercial Shoulder Vac Pro Backpack Vacuum 4.1 out of 5 stars
ProTeam Backpack Vacuums Super CoachVac 4.6 out of 5 stars
Powr-Flite BP10S Comfort Pro Premium Backpack Vacuum 5.0 out of 5 stars


The following backpack vacuum cleaner reviews for 2016-2017 will hand out in-depth info with respect to their specifications.


Top 8 Best Backpack Vacuum reviews for 2016-2017:

  1. New GV HEPA Backpack Vacuum:

New GV HEPA Backpack VacuumWith a commercial design, the New GV Backpack Vacuum features a HEPA sealed filter and a 3-stage filtration system for better efficiency. Made from molded polyethylene, this backpack vacuum weighs just 12lbs making it lightweight and easy to carry around. It is highly effective and convenient to use on hard floors, be it in homes or offices. Featuring a 6 quarts capacity and a 10 Amps motor, this machine is quite powerful with a 104 CFM and a 100-inch water lift. It generates about 65 dB of sound that makes it safe for use. The adjustable shoulder and waist straps are padded for great comfort while cleaning. The ON/OFF switch has been incorporated into the belt, and tools can be stored on this belt as well, for handy use. It comes with a professional 1.5” diameter attachment kit (8 pieces) and 6 disposable bags for suitability. The product has been backed with 2 years of motor warranty as well as a 30 days’ money-back guarantee.



  1. GV Powerful Backpack Vacuum:

GV Powerful Backpack VacuumFeaturing an Air-driven Power Nozzle, the GV backpack vacuum cleaner is exceedingly strong and powers up the unique BrushRoll head attachment to clean all the hard floors, rugs, and thick/thin carpets. This HEPA backpack vacuum is extremely lightweight with just about 10 lbs. of weight. It comes with padded shoulder and waist straps that can be adjusted as per your convenience for a comfortable cleaning experience. Integrated with a 4-stage Filtration system, the GV Vacuum has a sealed HEPA filter and 8 quarts of SMS cloth bag for proficient cleaning. The dust capacity is up to 3 liters with 98 inches of water lift for thorough cleaning. The product comes with a 25-foot cord, air nozzle, tool kit (7 pieces) and 6 HEPA bags. It is backed with 2 years of motor warranty and a 1-year warranty on the power unit. Also, it comes with a 30-days’ money-back guarantee.


  1. Atrix VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum:

Atrix VACBP1 HEPA Backpack VacuumErgonomically designed, the Atrix VACBP1 Backpack vacuum has the finest fit and extra belt loops to store accessories conveniently. With 4 stages of premium filtration, the Atrix VACBP1 comes with an 8-quarts HEPA filter bag to competently clean air vents, stairs, curtains, blinds, slot machines, and similar surfaces. Being versatile in nature, this powerful vacuum can be converted into a blower as well, for versatile use. It weighs just about 10 pounds and equally distributes its weight over your shoulders, making it easy for you to maneuver around without causing fatigue. The Atrix Vacuum is offered with an additional telescopic Wand and other essential accessories for fulfilling all the cleaning needs. It is quite cheap and costs just $145.


  1. ProTeam 107461 Provac:

ProTeam 107461 ProvacThe ProTeam 107461 Provac features a unique open-weave design to promote adequate ventilation and proper heat dissipation. Being extremely lightweight in nature, the ProTeam Provac just weighs about 11.6 pounds and the included 2-piece Wand weighs less than 3.5 lbs. for easy maneuvering. This 6-quart backpack vacuum is deliberately designed for residential cleaning purposes and efficiently cleans hard floors, carpets, large/small areas, and even hard-to-reach corners. The product comes all included with a Commercial-grade Power Nozzle tool kit (8 pieces) for users’ suitability. The Power Nozzle allows about 12″ of the cleaning path, making it optimum to use on carpets placed at a distinct height easily.  It has a quiet operation with about 65.8 dB of sound production. The filtration system has four stages of HEPA filter for enhanced performance. It has a 3-year warranty on the motor, other parts, and labor, and a lifetime limited warranty on the molded parts of its body.

  1. Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series Backpack Vacuum Cleaner:

Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series Backpack Vacuum CleanerThe Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series Backpack Vacuum is a powerful and lightweight equipment that cleans hard surfaces, carpets, and almost all kinds of surfaces. This 10-quart backpack comes with a swivel hose for easy maneuvering, even around the constricted areas. This has the highest airflow and suction capacity with its 110 CFM and the 100-inch water lift. This vacuum has a sound level of 66dB, thus making it optimum to use under noise-restricted areas. The exclusive frame design supports ventilation and enhances the air flow between the motor and the user’s body. This product has achieved a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and has the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) seal of approval, which proves it to be highly efficient. It comes all included with sealed vacuum bags to prevent dirt or allergens from contaminating the air, a flexible hose, 40 foot of 3-wire cord, and different attachment tools. The provided hard-mounted cord restraint prevents the cord from any sort of damage and wearing.

  1. Hoover Commercial Shoulder Vac Pro Backpack Vacuum:

Hoover Commercial Shoulder Vac Pro Backpack VacuumThe cordless backpack vacuum from Hoover Commercial has a Hypercone filter constructed of HEPA media and can carry about 6.4 quarts of debris. Being approved by chiropractors, the harness design of this Shoulder Vac Pro is highly efficient and makes it easy to carry around without causing fatigue. Thanks to the see-through dome-shaped lid, you can easily check the level of collected debris and dust anytime you please. With a highly efficient HEPA filtration unit, this Vacuum collects allergens, dust bugs, pollen and many other 0.3 microns or smaller particulates for intense cleaning. The product comes all included with a 1.5″ diameter attachment tools for versatile cleaning options. The complete unit just weighs about 9.2 lbs., making its maneuvering much easier. Having a sound level of about 66dB, the Hoover Commercial Vac operates quite noiselessly without disturbing the environment. Featuring a 48-feet 3-wire cord, you do not have to shift outlets frequently. Priced only $260, it is one of the finest Vac amongst these backpack vacuum reviews.


  1. ProTeam Backpack Vacuums Super CoachVac:

ProTeam Backpack Vacuums Super CoachVacA Commercial-grade Backpack Vacuum from ProTeam, this features a powerful and high-efficiency filtration system, making it ideal to use for extremely large areas that need a deep cleaning. The Super CoachVac 10-quart vacuum weighs just 11 pounds and comes with a 2-piece Wand that weighs 3.5 pounds or less, making it easy to maneuver around and adroitly clean carpets, rugs, hard floors, higher or lower areas, ceiling fans, and any type of surface. Its belt loops allow storage of other accessories for handy use while vacuuming. Featuring a HEPA media filter system, the Super CoachVac efficiently captures even smaller particulates like pet hair, molds, bacteria, dust mites, etc. The product comes with a tool kit (7 pieces) for versatile cleaning purposes with a telescopic wand with adjustable height. This unit is backed by a Lifetime warranty on the molded body parts and a 3-year warranty period on the motor, labor, and other parts. With an Amazon rating of 4.6 and over 120 customer reviews, this is the second-best Backpack Vacuum for 2016-2017.


  1. Powr-Flite BP10S Comfort Pro Premium Backpack Vacuum:

Powr-Flite BP10S Comfort Pro Premium Backpack VacuumThe Powr-Flite Comfort Pro is a 10-quart Backpack vacuum that offers premium comfort, peak performance, and high productivity. With an Amazon rating of 5.0, it is the best backpack vacuum featuring a powerful 130 CFM and an 110-inch water lift. Engineered with the top-quality materials, the Comfort Pro is integrated with a Deuter AirComfort harness that promotes better ventilation, whereas the Variquick system helps the unit to adapt to your movement and fit perfectly to the size of your torso. With a remarkable 5-stage filtration system comprising of a HEPA filter bag, an SMS shake-up bag, a pre-motor filter, a post-motor filter, and an exhaust filter, the Comfort Pro proves to be of high efficiency and offers a systematic cleaning. The unit has received the Gold Certification from CRI, making it stand out among all the other mentioned products. It produces about 62 dB of sound and can be ideally used in noise-sensitive areas.

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