18650 Flashlight

18650 FlashlightA Flashlight is used when there is no way of using electrical or other powered lighting sources or when you need to see objects in the distance at night. They are manufactured to suit different situations, vary in size and brightness and are used for lots of different reasons from looking for something in a dark corner to looking for something or animal in the distance. Flashlights are generally carried for emergency reasons and are there to solve the lighting problem when a person is in a remote area and there are no other means of getting light. Whatever the reason it is worth your while to make sure that the 18650 flashlights that you buy will not let you down in an emergency situation.


A flashlight is mainly there to solve the lighting problems when there is an emergency or to assist a person to carry out duties such as being a security guard, involved with 24-hour operations and for adventure activities such as camping or hiking. The main features that make a good flashlight are:

  • The brightness of the flashlight and what type of beam or beams it is able to deliver
  • The type of battery and how many batteries that it uses and more importantly how long the batteries last will last.
  • How well it is manufactured and if it is water proof or resistant.
  • The size of the flashlight and for what purpose a person would like to use the flashlight for. If it is for the occasional emergency then a small flashlight is probably more appropriate as it can be stored in a pocket or bag but if it is for day to day use and patrolling purposes the bigger lights are more suitable.
  • The price the person would like to spend on a good flashlight and if it will be used as a tactical light or just for lighting purposes.

SOLARAY ZX-1XL Professional Series Flashlight

SOLARAY ZX-1XL Professional Series FlashlightThe Solaray ZX is made from durable aircraft grade aluminium, and ultra bright at 1600 lumen. The bulb is a bright Cree super silicon carbide, single die XM-LED chip and is powerful enough to light up the entire room. The Solaray flashlight is ideal for all your needs and can be used for vehicle repairs, security, fishing and camping and any other outdoor activity that you are involved in. The ZX has 5 different functions which are high, medium, low, intruder strobe, and SOS emergency signal mode. The beam can be adjusted to flood the whole room or focused on seeing something in the distance.

The batteries are not supplied and from the reviews, it is recommended that when you purchase the Solaray ZX you should also purchase the flashlight 18650 batteries supplied by Solar to make sure that the flashlight works to your expectations. The Soloray ZX flashlight is suited for commercial and residential use and well worth considering and at under $30,00 a reasonable buy.


EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit

EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight KitThis kit is supplied with all the equipment you need to use an 18650 battery flashlight. It is supplied with the charger, the batteries and as an extra bonus, a mini LED flashlight. The light has a high-quality Cree XML T6 LED chip with an output of 1600 lumen. It is made from solid high-quality aluminium and the head of the flashlight is designed for self-defence or smashing a window in an emergency situation. The special reflector design improves the intensity of the beam and the EcoGear FX beam will shine up to 300m. (972 feet). It is a good light for tactical situations, camping hunting and more but it is not designed to be waterproof and cannot be used for underwater diving activities but will withstand rain.

It easy to adjust from a wide beam to spot beam by just sliding the head forwards and backwards. The batteries take a long time to get to full charge but should last up to 7 hours according to EcoGear specifications. The EcoGear Professional is a very bright light with 5 good functions, a little on the expensive side but as a kit with the mini light it is good value for money.

Refun E6 High-Powered Tactical Flashlight

Refun E6 High-Powered Tactical FlashlightThe Refun E6 is powered by one 18650 3,6 volt battery or 3 x AAA batteries and is only 5″ long so is perfect to fit in your pocket, handbag or the glove box of the car. The light bulb will last 100 000 hours and the torch is made from high-quality aircraft grade aluminium. It is a robust little flashlight with five modes high, medium, low, strobe and SOS emergency. The beam can be adjusted by the telescopic movement of the head and the light will stay on the last setting that you used so that you do not need to adjust the flashlight every time you switch it on. It is water resistant but it is not recommended to be immersed in water. The batteries take 5-6 hours to charge to full charge and will last for at least two weeks if it is not used continuously.

The brightness is 900 lumen and as a small 18650 battery flashlight, it is one of the better makes to buy. It also has the versatility that you are able to use AAA batteries which can be carried as spares if you are going on a long camping trip where there is no electricity to charge the 18650 battery. It is offered at a fantastic price under $20,00

Refun E6 High Powered Tactical Led Flashlight

The Refun E6 is a high powered light which is powered by 18650 battery or 3 x AAA batteries but the batteries and chargers are not supplied. It has 5 settings which are high, medium, low, intruder strobe, and emergency SOS. The light bulb will last 100 000 hours which means you will not need to replace the cap for the life of the flashlight and it produces 600 lumens. The Refun E6 is easy to store in the car compartment, your pocket or handbag with a total length of 5,4″ and weighs only 130 grammes.

The short Refun E6 tactical LED Flashlight is a good tool to have as a mechanic with its bright light and durability. It is recommended when it is being used for this that an extra battery is advisable even though the battery will last 2 days. It is a great flashlight to keep track of your pets in the yard, repairing vehicles and anywhere you need a reliable durable flashlight and well worth the money.

Hausbell T6-C LED Flashlight Atomic Beam

Refun E6 High Powered Tactical Led FlashlightThe Hausbell is a great tac light and made from high quality 6061T aluminium which is sturdy and durable. The high power LED bulb produces 900 lumens and it is amazing how bright this little light is and it is perfect to keep on you at all times just in case of an emergency. The Hausbell T6 will withstand rain but it is not advisable to immerse it in water. It is powered by 1 x 18650 battery which is supplied with the charger but it can also be powered by 3 x AAA batteries which are not supplied. It has 5 modes of operation and the intruder strobe is perfect to disorientate any unsuspecting intruder.

To get the best use from 18650 batteries make sure that you use the protected type of batteries or else the batteries lose power quickly and the flashlight will not be as bright as advertised. As a cheap option, the Hausbell T6 is a bargain at under $15,00.

Outline A100 High Powered Handheld Flashlight

Outline A100 High Powered Handheld FlashlightThe Outline A100 is the best 18650 flashlight and is supplied with 1 x 18650 lithium 3,7-volt rechargeable battery. The charger has 2 indicator lights, red when charging and green when fully charged. The A100 is the smallest tac light with adjustable focus and 5 different light modes. The Outline A100 is the brightest 18650 flashlight that uses only 1 battery and is supplied with a super mini key chain LED flashlight which is perfect for any vehicle emergencies.

The Outline A100 is definitely 700-900 lumens and the battery sleeve ensures that the battery is held in place and eliminates any play from the battery. The product is sturdy, light weight and feels solid to the touch. The Outline A100 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a small tac light which can be used for any emergency or outdoor activities. It is sold at less than $15,00 and the beam it produces is comparable to a lot of the more expensive models.

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